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Grounded Esoteric Exploration

Practical 3D ways to explore and incorporate the weird and wonderful into helping ourselves, others, and our planet to be the best, healthiest and happiest versions of what we can be,  come coming home to the truth of our magnificence.

About Eadie Miller
Who is Eadie? Searcher, seeker, wisdom keeper; Child of the Earth, the Sky, the Moon, the Stars. I walk with Dragons, and work with Nature, bridging and balancing dualities, delighting in believing the Impossible and Imponderable and discovering its Truths.
Blessedly, I’ve also been blessed, thank God, with a healthy helping of practical common-sense and left-brain logic to balance out all that Air in my Astro, as I’ve stubbed my toes and stumbled through life, losing my way and finding it again, failing and fearing and finally learning, over and over again!
I work with the inner child in All of us to bring balance to our lives, I work with the realms of Nature to bring balance to our Earth-plane, and I work with our Star Family & friends for the sheer joy of their loving support.

Offering Space and Place Clearing, Earth Healing, individual and small group sessions, workshops, coaching, and  facilitating, essences, vibrational remedies and atomiser sprays.

This is some of what Grounded Esoteric Exploration encompasses:

~ Perelandra Processes, Essences and Consultations ~
 ~ Energy Healings, Counselling & more ~
 ~ Ray Readings & Healings  ~
~ E'deva Essences ~
~ Vibrational Sprays and Remedies ~

~ Home Harmonizing Consultations  ~
Earth Healing & Place, Space, and Home Clearings ~
LightBody and DNA Activations ~
~ Ascension Meditation Workshops and Retreats  ~
~ The Melchizedek Ambassador's Training Program ~
The Diamond Lightbody Program ~
~ Pleaidian Lightbody DNA Activation ~
~ Atlantean Heritage Charts and Readings  ~
~ Reiki ~
~ Energy Healing ~
~ Crystals, Angels, Devas, Rays ~
~ Sacred Geometry ~
~ Healing with Rays ~
~  The Atlantean Way ~


Grounded Esoteric Exploration & Energy Work
Eadie Miller,  Macedon Ranges, (nr Melbourne) Victoria, Australia