Who am I?

~ I am Eadie ~ an everyday woman ~ but I’m also a Divine Being, a Starchild, an Atlantean High Priest, and a Melchizedek Ambassador, in Service in Love to this Earth plane ~ 

In addition to being a Melchizedek Ambassador and Workshop Facilitator I offer a range of energetic and intuitive healing, chakra balancing, DNA and LightBody Activations, Atlantean Heritage Charts and Activations, vibrational remedies, and Earth healing, working with angelic, devic and crystalline energies and the assistance of the Company of Heaven.

I was asked to do some musing for the development of this website and this is what came out......... if you are drawn to any of these things, then it's probably a great sign we're right to work together.

Trees, leaves, nature spirits, Pan, growing things

Fleur de lys, triple flame, triple goddess, 3's of all descriptions

Paths ~ winding through trees, forests, country settins, the classic Asian path with stepping stones

Rocks ~ of every description!

Arches, doorways, esp the persian/balinese sort

Azurite, Moldavite, blue & gold, or else ice pale colours

Balance, but particularly the sort of offset balance of the golden mean (one third/two thirds, not 50;50)

Swirls, spirals, octahedrons, sacred geometry

I've never seen a reason to change the quote at the end of my emails "Seek always the Highest Truth, for you are Divine Perfection". It endlessly inspires me with new understandings and layers of truth. 

Justice .................. Fairness, balance, do unto to others as you would be done by, there are always a thousand sides to any perspective, and all equally valid .......... there are no blacks and whites, all is shades.

There is ALWAYs more to learn, discover, unfold ~ "There are greater things 'twixt heaven and earth, Horatio, than dreamt of in our philosophy"

Cycles of time, "what goes around, comes around" . 

Walk gently on the earth, leave no trace, do no harm.

Grounded Esoteric Exploration
Eadie Miller,  Macedon Ranges, (nr Melbourne) Victoria, Australia