Everyday Alchemy - Finding Magic in the Mundane

Eadie Miller used to describe herself as “a little brown mouse” who never knew what to say when people asked her what she did.

Outwardly it appeared she was a very “normal”.

But years of her own searching had lead to a deep esoteric knowledge of the workings of the universe.

Although not a leader she knew she made “a darn good 2IC” - reflecting back to people seeking answers to life’s deep questions and giving them the clarity they needed in moments of self doubt, but how to convey that to others eluded her.

Her breakthrough came some years back now as she found herself drawn to a local event, one to which she nearly didn’t attend but felt desperate to find the answer to why she had become “allergic to life” ….. to the point where the skin on her face was literally peeling off.

She felt she needed to apologise for existing and that she had no right to “be”, but also had no right to “not be” either.

That day, in a Melchizedek based training program, she found something that changed her life dramatically.  She was awakened to a new world of opportunity, freedom and expansive potential.
More than she could ever have dreamed and realised, the fairy stories and dreams she had been drawn to all her life, were actually logical reality.

Drinking in every piece of esoteric exploration that this workshop unlatched, she found a world where she belonged or like she says, “I found my tribe”.  It was a very different world to running a home and caring for her large garden, but somehow she felt she came home internally, as she studied the body of work that is the MAT Program, which is known as “The Brotherhood of the Light”.

Eventually Eadie became a teacher and facilitator of this program herself.  The Perelandra work is a recent addition to her skills where she understood her deep love of gardening and her draw to work with systems that support and heal the earth in very grounded ways.

She has also studied energy healing to Master level, developed her own line of essence sprays and products that practically support people to help them cope and bring balance and stability in theirs home and on their properties.

She brings all this information into one simple 5 step healing system called “Eadeva” which is - dream the dream, reach for the potential, see the horizon, balance and stabilise, then move forward.

Returning to her homeland in 2017 helped Eadie to understand her deep need to work with the physical earth.  Stepping onto “her dirt, her soil” helped her see that her tough upbringing as a child stopped right there with her, in that now moment.  This was a deeply transformative journey back to her origins to discover she had never been lost.

In her homeland, the years of peeling back the layers and healing experiences from childhood helped her so much that now she is able to help other children and adults of all ages who were deeply wounded as children.

Eadie feels incredibly blessed and draws a deep satisfaction from helping others take a similar journey toward discovering wholeness and healing of past hurts, whilst also connecting people to the esoteric workings the universe, should they be drawn to know more.

The little brown mouse has gone and now she is a proud homemaker who has created her own product range of essences and vibrational sprays and remedies and the following list is just some of what she brings from the esoteric realms, in the form of practical wisdom that everyday people can easily relate to and learn.

This is some of what "Grounded Esoteric Exploration" encompasses:

~ E'deva Essences ~
~ Vibrational Sprays and Remedies ~
~ Atlantean Heritage Charts and Readings  ~

~ Home Harmonizing Consultations  ~

Earth Healing & Clearings ~

LightBody and DNA Activations ~
~ Ascension Meditation Workshops and Retreats  ~
~ The Melchizedek Ambassador's Training Program ~

~ Pleaidian Lightbody DNA Activation ~
~ Reiki ~

~ Energy Healing ~

~ Crystal, Angel, Liquid Crystal ~

~ Sacred Geometry ~

~ Rays ~

~  The Atlantean Way ~

Grounded Esoteric Exploration
Eadie Miller,  Macedon Ranges, (nr Melbourne) Victoria, Australia